Soap Stories

What the eff is a bath bomb?

Posted by R on Nov 13th 2018

This is the question my mother asked me last week as I was regaling her with tales of the soap company’s latest offering. You would think my mother, known far and wide for her ease of throwing eff b … read more

Living in Season

Posted by Rebecca on Jun 29th 2018

The joy we had in developing our Summer seasonal feature soap, “Islandfest”, has me thinking about living in season. I’ve been listening to “How to be Well” by Dr. Frank Lipman on audible (thanks, … read more
10 Simple Ways to Up Your Shower Game

10 Simple Ways to Up Your Shower Game

Posted by Rebecca on May 31st 2018

If you’re like us, your 15 precious minutes in the shower may be your only alone time today. Make your shower time your sanctuary. Here are 10 tips for turning your shower time into a daily r … read more

Becoming a Soapmaker

Posted by Colleen on May 24th 2018

A funny thing happened last year - my friend Rebecca texted me and our other friend, Monica, while I was on vacation and asked, “Wouldn’t it be fun to make soap”? My answer – “I don’t know, sure”? … read more