What the eff is a bath bomb?

Posted by R on Nov 13th 2018


This is the question my mother asked me last week as I was regaling her with tales of the soap company’s latest offering. You would think my mother, known far and wide for her ease of throwing eff bombs, would know what a bath bomb is, right? (And, yes, this question is going to make the annual quote list). But alas, she’s not much of a bather. I mean, she showers, of course, but she hasn’t taken a bath-bath in a long time. She probably hasn’t taken one since the day she and my Dad moved into the new place with the huge spa tub. That’s the way it is with baths. Sounds like a great idea, but we never make the time.

So what the eff is a bath bomb, anyway? A bath bomb is like a giant Alka-Seltzer that you drop into your bath. If you bought a good one, it will fizz and spin, dispersing lovely skin soothers, softeners, and perfumed scents throughout your bath. As one of our favorite soap testers, five-year-old Avery D. told us, soaking with a bath bomb “makes your butt feel soft.” Who doesn’t want that?

We make our bath bombs with all natural ingredients.  We don’t use sparkles, glitters, fake colors, that sort of thing. We do this for a few good reasons:(1) We don’t thing you want to soak your body in fake stuff, (2) we’re pretty sure you don’t want to clean all that glitter out of your tub, and (3) we don’t want to see the lake polluted as the fake particles wash down your drain and skim past the water purifying process.

We get a real kick out of making bath bombs. It’s not easy – kind of like baking the perfect cheesecake from scratch– but we think we’ve got it down. We start with a base of vodka, citric acid, and baking soda, then we add skin softeners like Epsom salt, grapeseed oil, and detoxifying clays. We scent them with herbs, essential oils, and extracts.

We sell them in sets of three, so you can decide how intense of a bath bomb experience you want. Toss all three in at once, or use one at a time.

Each of our bath bombs comes with a meditation starter. It’s a thought, a phrase, an intention, an inspiration. We hope it will help you start to unwind.

Happy bathing, and cheers to our favorite four letter f-word:  FIZZ.