Yacht Rock Bath Salts: Take It Easy 8oz

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Take It Easy

Lavender | Marjoram | Rosemary


Yacht Rock - smooth, mellow, familiar. It’s more than a guilty pleasure. It’s pure escape. Yacht Rock inspires our bath salts. Like a great song, our salts take you to a happy place.


For Take It Easy, we've chosen pure Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts naturally loaded with minerals essential for optimal health. We've added essential oils of Lavender, Marjoram, and Rosemary for healing and relief.


Directions: Pour 3-5 tablespoons in warm running water, swirl with your hands until salts dissolve. Then lose yourself in relaxation and restoration.


Made only with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Lavender Essential Oil, Marjoram Essential Oil, and Rosemary Essential Oil.